Diabetes Diet

Diabetes Diet – Daily Menu

picture-food-healthyPeople with diabetes have to be pickier in choosing food for their daily consumption. They cannot eat any foods because if they are careful, the diabetes case will go worse.

For people with diabetes, they have to do diabetes diet. But it does not mean they cannot eat many foods. They can still eat food but they should consider more about this.

The best choice is diabetes diet daily menu. They can make their own menu at home with cheap price.

Eat early in the morning

milk_morningIt is well-known that people should early in the morning their breakfast, but that is even more important for people with diabetes. So, to start your day with diabetes diet program, you can have a cup of skim milk, an orange, and a cup of cereal. These menus are enough for your morning. They are safe for your diabetes diet program. The carbohydrate can be got from the cereal. You can get enough energy for consuming the cereal. Then, you can get protein from milk. Protein is very important so you can get more energy supply besides from cereal. Then, it would be good to pick the orange since the oranges are good for your body because of the vitamins. They also clean body from different toxins.

Snack is a good choice

Though you are in diabetes diet program, you can get your morning snack like other healthy people. The best snack for you is a cup of cantaloupe melon. Perhaps it is not as satisfying as French fries or burger, but it is way healthier than your junk food snacks. It will not bring overload sugar level in your body and it will not exceed the need of daily calories. You can bring it to your office and then you will be ready for doing activities.

Have a lunch

5586525For the lunch of diabetes diet program, you can have bit more luxurious menu. So, you can eat grilled shrimp with white bean salad, small bread, a no sugar Fudgsicle, and a cup of skim milk. For the snack, you can have celery sticks. You can have brown rice for your dinner if you are longing the rice. Don’t forget the vitamins. So you can choose carrots and banana. You can also have steak but it should be marinated with herbs.

Eat a various healthy food

oatmeal67349Though you cannot eat all types of food, but you can still enjoy your life by eating healthy food. These healthy diabetes diet menus are based on health nutritionist’s suggestion. So, you should not worry. The more important is you need to concern about what you eat. In seven days, you can have different healthy diabetes menu that can be your choice. So, there is no reason you cannot be happy with what you eat. You should cover 1200-2000 calories each day. Every time you want to eat or have snacks, you need the diabetes diet planning so that your program will be well organized. You can go to the experts to discuss about it. The calorie level of the food and snacks are different. If you eat diabetes snacks, you can get 1-2 ½ servings while if you have meals it can be 2 1/2 -5 carbohydrate level. The best carbohydrate can be gotten from oatmeal. It has fiber also so you will feel full longer.