Most common psychological diseases – depression

Depression is a serious emotional disruption which may affect badly on a person’s behavior and every day activities.

Everybody is sad sometimes in their lifetime but when it is time to report to a doctor a real problem. First of all, we should check the symptoms of depression and after that ideas to cure it, both naturally and with medications.

Symptoms of depression

                5454654165Most of the symptoms of depression can be emerge during the late fall months or early winter. People are generally alone during these months and thus depression is common here. If you notice that you are lacking life joy and you are pessimist, then there might be bigger chance for depression. Other symptoms are longer sleep and general melancholy. Serious symptom is apathy. You can have a wish to avoid people, attacks of anger, tiredness etc. Symptoms are, according to this, affecting very badly everyday life of normal person.

Causes of depression

                Causes of depression may be various. According to some researches, insufficient light may cause it and stress is making it worse. When it comes to children, then we can say that small children are also vulnerable as any other human being. This epidemic of depression is especially present in the winter months. Kids may encounter the depression after parents yell at them or if they saw any sort of violence in their family.

How to cure the depression

There are many modern methods of curing the depression. Some of the most popular methods are light treatment where a patient is treated with light. This method can be combined with various other ways such as antidepressant medicaments or other ways of conventional therapy. Some of the most interesting ways of conventional medicine are also serotonin regulators. It is a common belief that serotonin, a neurotransmitter in brain is having effect in this disease.

Alternative ways of curing depression are various. They are consisting of massages and meditation techniques. Many people apply yoga and they are using various sorts of tea. Fruit juices are also very useful in making person cheerful and happy thus preventing and curing the depression.


fruit-fresh                According to some authors, an adequate food diet can be very good when it comes to prevention of depression. Salads and fresh fruit can be quite useful for preventing depression and during the winter months you should use food which is rich in carbo-hydrates. At some serious stages of depression, it is important that educate person about it in order to prevent some serious complications (suicide, hormone disorder etc.).

cddpyYou should enjoy in life, you should walk more often, train, increase the light amount in your life and spend your time in reading books and hearing music. Relax and travel to sunny places, if you have the opportunity. Depression is something which every person comes into contact with at least once. It is a completely natural condition. Sometimes there are some serious consequences of it and because that reason people needs to educate themselves about it and to generally, know more about the depression.